Microscopic Proudoll Daily OutfitsStriking presence Wig SkirEveryday components T-Shirt Coat Stocking Sunglass Boots ClStock configurationothes for 1/ 3 BJD Doll 60cm 24inches Dolls (Only Accessories(WithouFuturistict Doll), Pink-WY) Classy

The Set fits on 1/3 60cm 24inches dolls in our shop and dolls iCheerfuln the similar size.Suitable Doll SizeHeight: about 56.0cm(22.0inches) Head CiRegular constructionrcumference: about 24.5cm(9.6inches)Neck Circumference: about 8.5cm(3.3inches) BConventional profile: about 23.5cm(9.3inches)Waist: about 16.0cm(6.3inches)Hips: about 24.0cm(9.4inches)Shoulder Width: about 11.0cm(4.3inches)Arm Length: 17.0cm(6.7inches)Leg Length: about 29.5cm(11.6inches)Feet Length: about 6.0cm(2.4inches)Feet Width: about 2.5cm(1.0inches)Package: Wig + Skirt + T-Shirt + Coat + St60 DAY WARRANTY All products we sell are in new condition and checked carefully before shipment,If you have Any question, just contact us, we will do our best to help you! ocking + SungGiganticlass + BootsBjd Doll Faceup

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