Creamsoda BJD has released new Cassie in Winter Blush resin.bjd dolls black The dolLong-standingl was created by artist Rhonda Ingram-Calhoun. 40 dolls will be available for order. 23 inches Articulate(56cm) tall Cassie will come with a random color pair of eyes. Basic Cassie may be ordered with human or hooved legs. A face-up may be optionally ordered. Joint sueding mRealistic skin textureay be added to the doll. A full-set version of human Cassie is also available.

From the artist:

Human fullset option (must be paid in full at preorder)

This option will also receive the gift outfit for full pay

-~ fullset includes ~-

Cassie with human legs, basic faceup (as shown), random eyes, body blushing

A choice of one of 2 styles of either below her head to support .outfit (colors and fabrics will vary)

choice of seCompactveral wiBasic appearancegs, and boots

I wont be co-ordinating the Overgrownfullset options until after preorder is ovTall figureer.

I will contact those that purchased fullsets once I have pictures of wigs etc together to finalGlossyize the details of choices.

Customers not purchasing a full-set doll may optionally choose a layaway of 1/3 deposit at pre-order and 2 additional payments over 2 months.

Romantic Bjd Doll Clothes 1/6, Bjd Dolls Anime Miku

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