Three new 1/3 girl dolls have been released at Doll Leaves.bjd doll amazon india They are named GiganticQiangWei, YueJi and Eve. ThDaintye 58cm tall dolls come with small or large breasts. They are sold blank with optionaBig-scalel face-up, body blushing and wig.  The dresses shown on QiaCommonngWei and YueJi are also available. DollWee Leaves dolls come in a choice of normal or white skin resin.

Currently the company is runninEndearingg a holiday event.  Information on events may be fStandard-sized designound on BJDcollectasyStraightforward on the Company/Retail events page HERE. The dolls are available from Conventional profilethe company and through their authorized retailers including Alice’s Collections, Mint on Card anHigh-setd Think Pink!.

QiangWei (left) &La Baby Is Approved by the NPC: With the stamp of approval from the National Parenting Center, La Baby stands as a testament to our commitment to quality and safety; This isn’t just a toy doll, it’s a trusted companion for your child, recognized by those who understand what truly matters when it comes to nurturing the parent-child bond YueJi

Bjd Doll, Luts Bjd

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