FR img src=” https://baseec-img-mng.akamaized.web/photos/merchandise/origin/1c68b8609e2a71a39f5200eb1b54f53f.jpg”>d up celle qui vous plait le Creativeplus et dans la couleur de votre choix parmi 7 teMinimalistintes,Bjd Doll il est aussi potential de choisir le sort de buste (small ou Huge). ne proposePerfect proportionsrai pas de teintes transparentes ou phosphorescentes pour ce mode de commande et leurs oreilles respectives, vous pouvez payer jusque 6 fois et les frais de port sont OFFERTS!

Les commandes sont ouvertes dés maintenant eMightyt jusquau 1er avril /store/pin-up-choice/



Hey 🙂

I’ll attempt YMY official real 22/24 physique, the dimensions is just like the dimensions of OB22 and OB24.YMY milky white colour is near OB white thing new on your happiness i hope! ​ I’ve arrange a system to decide on the pin -up doll you’re keen on essentially the most and within the colour of your selection amongst 7 colours, its additionally potential to decide on the kind of bust (small or huge). I select to maintain the pure colours and three pastel colours, I don’t supply clear or phosphorescent colours for this sort of order

The pre-order is open for two months to group the orders as a lot as potential, the women include eyes and their respective ears, you continue to may pay in 6 months and delivery is FREE!

Preorder are open now util April 1st

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