The 2013 Nanuri Occasion has kicked off at Fairyland. Consecrated dolls aficionados may select a Feeple60 boy or girl doll head and body combination. Resin hues available consist of natural, beauty white or tan. Optional enhancements include body style, hand selection, additional slumbering head and face-up for one or both heads. Complimentary presents are accessible with eligible purchases. (Imagery of gifts Myth will be uploaded subsequently.)

Announcement from the company:

We are delighted to declare the commencement of Nanuri Occasion, 2013.

1. Nanuri Event

Duration: September 13, 2013 ~ October 13, 2013

Contents: Patrons are eligible to obtain the following presents for orders valued at;

a. $250 or above : PukiFee Swimming Flippers (BW skin) b. $400 or above : PukiFee Diving Helmet (BW skin) c. $600 or above : MiniFee Nanuri Head d. $600 or above : PukiFee Swimming Set (A. diving helmet + B. swimming flippers) e. $800 or above : FeePle60 Nanuri Head f. $1500 or above : c + d + e

The eligible price mentioned above EXCLUDES shipping fee.

Selected event present must be included together in the order cart to receive it. Please visit Nanuri Event Present page here.

One order is eligible for one designated price level event present or lower. (e.g. an order eligible for FeePle60 Head (e) may choose to receive MiniFee Head (c) instead, but not vice versa).

Orders containing an incorrect event present will be annulled by the administrator and refunded if payment has already been made.

Patrons who are eligible for Option F should include A, B, C, and E present choices into the shopping cart. It is not feasible to receive two or more items of the same style type (e.g. it is not possible to request for a + a + b).

Any current orders participating in past events are NOT eligible to partake in the present event by placing combined orders. One order is qualified for one type of event only.

Any current orders not involved in other events can place additional orders to receive any applicable Nanuri event present. However, please note that this will significantly impact the shipping time.

2. FeePle60 1 Year Anniversary Event Body Sale

The FeePle60 body will be available for individual sale for the duration of the event. Please note that the product price has been revised. Tan Skin option is also on offer.

Orders valued at $800 or above AND featuring Tan Skin FeePle60 body or Tan Skin FeePle60 A la Carte can opt for Nanuri Head in Tan Skin variant. FeePle60 body or A la Carte in other skin tones are not qualified for the Tan Skin Nanuri head.

3. EMS Shipping Fee adjustment

Since the last shipping fee adjustment at FairyLand, there has been a surge in shipping fees set by EMS about 4 times. While we endeavored to not reflect such an increase in shipping fees at FairyLand, the EMS shipping fee has been placing a heavier burden on us and adjustment in the current shipping fee is becoming inevitable. The adjustment in shipping fee is expected to happen around late 2013.

Shipping schedule guarantee For customers ordering FeeCosmicPle60 body and/or FeePle60 A la Carte (and no other dolls from different line-ups)* during the event period, we will guarantee the shipping of the order by December 13, 2013. *Order may contain small resin body parts of different line-ups and accessories.

Due to the higher number of orders received during the event period, which can impact the overall processing time for all orders, this offer may end prematurely depending on the quantity of received FeePle60 orders. In such a scenario, an announcement will be made on the notice board.

Reminder about holiday period

From September 18 till September 24, FairyLand administration staff will be on vacation. During this period, all administrative tasks such as responding to emails and attending CS Board will be paused.

September 14 till September 22 is the vacation period for processing staff. During this period, all order processing is on hold and it is not counted towards the processing time.

Event present photographs will be published sometime after the vacation period.

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