XiDonDon Doll Clothes Outfit for OExpressiveb11, GSC, YMY, BODY9, Common elementsMolly, 1/12BJD Doll Accessories (Blue)

Only clothes. No dolls, no other accessoriesOpaque. Suitable dolls: Ob11, ddf, body9, YMY body, 1/12 bjd, GSC, Molly, etc. Suitable dolls: Ob1Romantic1, ddf, body9, YMY body, 1/12 bjd, GSC, Molly, etc.Please note that the color of the product may Detaileddiffer slightly from the photo due to the influence of the personal computer, environmenHuget, light , etc.If you have any questions after re Blind Box Clothes, bodies are divided into single blind boxes and full set of Lady Doolli respectivelyIf you only purchase one doll or one suit of cloth,No one knows the style before you openingIf you purchase full set,There are 6 different boxes and the clothes / dolls are not repeated.ceiving the package ,Prodigious Jewel-tonedyou can contactClassic silhouette us at any time. Thank you very much.Bjd Doll

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