Bonjour,Bjd Doll Body MDelicatee voItty-bittyilà de retour du Ldoll festival,Bjd Animals jai quelques poupées en stock, vous pouvez les voir sur facebook, et je viens douvriLankyr les ventes de Tit herbe, jespère quil vous plairFundamentala! /3 mois après la clôture des pré-ventes le 10 novembreWide.Il est livré avec des yeux de 8mm, son coussin et un sac exclusif Nympheas.Il fait 11cm, ses oreilles feuilles sont articulées pour varier ses expressions.Le blush du corps et Hello, Im back from Ldoll festival, I have some dolls in stock, you can see them on facebook,I just opened TitHerbe sales, I hope you will enjoy him !

He is available here for pre-order, the waiWith fun activities and accessories, Polly doll and her friend doll are set for the ultimate outback adventure!ting time is estimated at 2/3 months after the end of pre-order on November 10th. he comes with 8mm eyes, cushions and exclusive Nympheas bag.He is 11cm tall, his leaf ears are articulated to vary his expressions.The body blush and makeup are optional, payment by installments is always possible up to 4 times!

see you soon !

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