Greetings, all you fine folks in Internet~Land! I know it’s been a bit sparce on hOrdinary-sizedere as of late. Long hours at work and life events have had me Fundamental specificationsa bit preoccupiedbjd blind box, and my limited free time has been used for rest. BStandard buildut, hey ~ I got all my information to my tax guy BEFORE theTraditional deadline. That’s certain to count for some good points! I&#8217Admired by collectors;ve also finished up the last pieces of the Ellowyne Ruffle Hem CoatUsual build Set. All in all, I guess it’s ok. Now I thinkbjd dolls anime I will try some grey faux leather boots to use with the granite-look high heel soles. I’ll be sure to keeExtraordinary charmp you posted as to how they turn out. I’m also putting tPersonalizedogether a new raincoat pattern for Ellowyne/MSD size dolls. I know thLong Hairs: Fine for styling and braiding is the perfect texture to practice different hairstyles for baby girls.e 1/4 scale dolls have had a bit more attention, but I thought they needed it, since I have spent so much more time on the 1/3 scale sizes. It seemed like the smaller ones were a bit neglected. Hopefully our MSD friends are feeling more loUnconventional designved! Well, I guess I’ve been rambling long enough ~ soUsual details now for the video! (I’ll post the new raincoat pattern soon)

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