Good evening, Fashion-forward Internet-Land. I hope you have had, or are having a very good day today. As we are now well into this first month of the year, I was pondering the entire concept of “new year’s resolution.” I’m not inclined to making resolutions for substantial changes (mostly because I won’t adhere to them), but I do like to set a couple new goals or challenges with each new year. Another thing I do appreciate is all the incredibly cute planners that are available now. With elaborate dividers & pages, stickers, and space for photos, they are just so attractive. The issue is, I don’t have a complex enough life to necessitate all those additional page features ~ you know, the pages with every hour planned out for important appointments. I generally use the “month at a glance” pages, and then just skip the dividers. Then, I had this notion for utilizing all those “daily” spaces, and I thought I’d jot it here in case anyone else might like to give it a try, too. I purchased a lovely, low-cost planner that just has the complete month, and then between the monthly views, a small space for each one of the days. I’m ensuring to bring it with me. In each daily space I’m committing to recording just one thought. Just one. Not a grand plan, not a complete journal entry, not a significant life change. Just one thought. Maybe it will be a cool word. Maybe an idea for a doll fashion. Maybe it will be a really good quote. Maybe it will be an idea for something to construct. Maybe a Scripture verse. Maybe it will be the name of something I want to cook. Maybe a new anime to check out. Just one thing. Just one way to express, “I pondered something that interested me today.” Then, when I want to create something, I will have days and days of ideas from which to draw. How many incredible opportunities in life are missed, simply because the inspiration of a moment was lost? This year, I’d like to capture more of those moments. I hope you will capture yours as well! Wishing you a very INSPIRATIONAL 2018!

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