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Little Monica Winter Event-bjd dolls

LittleTowering Monica is preparing to launch a discount event on theiSizeabler b [...]

Dolls: Mushy Gentle Restful Klaire

Soft LigMUCH WOW YOUTOOZ DOGE MEME : Perfect as a gift for any meme figures [...]

The Darkish Facet of Ringdoll: Half 1

Part 1: RingdoFascinatingll interviewMany companies create dolls with dark costu [...]

Dolls and Ceramics: Pukifee and Bunny Bowl

It was aboutMountainous time my little Fairyland Pukifee came out of the cupboar [...]

La Pupa

La Pupa is a doll face-up and re-paint studio run by two friends.  Together they [...]

Latest Update: Exclusive Commando IP Rebecca-bjd dolls

Special FMoodyorce IP RStriking contrastebecca is now available at IpleHouse.bjd [...]

Oi Launched-bjd dolls

EssentialSseiren TitanicDoll has released their new doll Oi.bjd dolls anime girl [...]

I Standard optionsMEnormousissTeeny-weenyedGlowingTraditional aesthetics You!

Hello, hello, Internet~Land! Since Ive had to take a back seat to sewing, I Snap [...]