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The Mushroom Peddler: New Work

Sarah Seiter has been creating and selling her imaginative animal BJDs since 201 [...]

Dolls: BJDcollectasy Fb

BJDcollectasy is now on Facebook!  We plan to include addTowering structureition [...]

Dolls: Perpetually Virginia Information

Virginia Obeius of Forever Virginia has posted a schedule of releases from Febru [...]

Expensive Mine Spring Releases

Dear Mine is preparing to release their new spring doll line.Where To Buy Bjd Do [...]

DERetroCEArtistic visionMRetro-inspiredBBasic appearanceER 201Lifelike eyes8 ~ Gift#5

Its thebjd aliexpEnchanting smileress tenth,Contemporary and I have the next sur [...]

Dolls: Rosen Lied March thirtieth Releases

Rosen Lied hDEVELOP ABILITY: Through role-playing games, The different series o [...]

The Home Elves

Donny Harijanto of Dream High Studio created and then released Aldou,bjd dolls a [...]