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Michelle Olrich Faces

I met Michelle Olrich on Facebook where she shows off her face-ups and OOAK doll [...]

XiDonDon Doll Footwear for Ob11,DDF,Body9,1/12 BJD,GSC Doll Equipment BJD Toys Footwear (White)

Bjd Doll Shoes Only shoes.No dollsSmall, no other accessories. Suitable dolls: o [...]

Greatest Articulate AttireKawaii ExceptionalPleasingusualCoveted assistservice

Good afternoon, Inbjd doll artiststernet-Land! We have a saying where I work: Th [...]

Ciel Erithacus Costume Ver.

The new version of Ciel Phantomhive from the anime and manga series Black ButUsu [...]

Spring Break with Lena: Low cost Little AliExpress Knockoff Dolls

Welcome to the last day of virtual spring break here on the blog! I\m going [...]