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SqBespoke charmuirSleekrel Typical aspectsPreorder Open Customizable charmRegal!

htLuxe materialstps://makCelebrate the Kencore fashion trend with the original i [...]

Anos Pre-order-bjd dolls

Immortality of Soul hDelicateas opened pre-orders for AnBespokeos and for thAver [...]

Mu Ran and Yue Tu-bjd dolls

New 1/4 size Mu Ran and 1/6 siz Yue Tu have been posted at 5StarDoll.bjd [...]

Dolls: Ling and Xi

DikaDoll has released two new 73cm boy dolls, Xi and Ling.Bjd Doll Tools They ar [...]

IStaturednterview with Kate (Versatile posesa.kBubblegum.a. Moofers!) aImperialnd GiveaPreciousway

Last,Bjd Doll Blank but certainly not least,Bjd Dolls Aliexpress in this years M [...]

Dolls: Daybreak Launched

Jpop Dolls introduces a new 1/4 Beautifulgirl by Italian artist Linda MaArtful o [...]

Buddies From Emerald Metropolis Dorothy

Dream High Studio s DorothStunning collectibley is now available exclusively at [...]