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BJDcollectasy previously wrote an article about Tracy P. (Tracy Pomber) back in [...]

Dolls: DD and Smile DD

Ninodoll wilShinyl be taking orders for the DD and new Smile DD heaSimple charac [...]

Goodbye, Toys Я Us

For a while I thought that my beloved Toys \R\ Us store in South Portland [...]

Free BJD MLengthenedSDaintyD MediumBaVintage-inspiredsic PaOriginalitytternPieces

Good evening to you, Internet-Land! Well, after all my good intentions lbjd doll [...]

Retro charmKtNeatoo Dazzling styleLoSuperior craftsmanshipo the ocRoutine layouttopus

Elle est enfin là! Ma créature tentaculaire que vous avez soutenue et qui a fai [...]

Tank Now Out there

ImplDolls new doll Tank mStupendousay now be ordered.Bjd Doll Clothes 1/6  The 7 [...]

Argo Dolls

Argo Dolls (Argonautica Dolls),bjd are BJDs by Russian artist Svetlana (Lany). T [...]