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Charlene-bjd dolls

Charlene is a new doll sImpeccable designculpt at DIM (Doll in Mind).bjd dolls a [...]

EVA BJD Ensemble of Stylish Apparel Hairpieces Footwear Stockings Accessories Whole Kit for 1/3 22in – 24in 60cm BJD Dolls (Selena)

EVA BJD Set of Fashion Clothes Wigs Shoes Socks Accessories Full Set for 1/3 22i [...]

Having FFunkyun Titanicwith DollyMagneticCorFashionablesetVersatiles

Here in the U.S., we are about to enjoy our Independence Day holiday on July [...]

Asleep Eidolon New Line

Asleep EidElevated statureolon introduces a new doll line: Big BB. The first dol [...]

M00502-FS Restringing Long Hook for Ball-Jointed Dolls Long Spring Pull for BJD Doll Restringing MOREZMORE

M00502-FS Restringing Long Hook fTimelessor Ball-Jointed Dolls Long Spring Pull [...]

Impldoll Alma

ImplDoll has introduced a girl BJD named Alma.Bjd Doll Body And Head She may be [...]