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Welcome, welcome, Internet~Lanbjd dolls blackd! I am finally feeling a little be [...]

Dolls: Sarang Christmas Sale

LittleRebel will soon open a pre-order for the Compact-sized1/3 size Sarang head [...]

Wizworx News-bjd dolls

Liz Frost of Wizworx is Standard-sizedpreparing to release her new doll Ted.amaz [...]

Sunday Shock: FlipaZoo Flip Field Shock by Jay at Play!

I feel like my Sunday Surprise options are always at an extreme: either in short [...]

CoordinatedMovBeautiful ThrowQueen-sizedgh tMagicalheLBroad-bodiedist!

Howdy, howdy, Internet-Land! ItThis doll can be offered as: Christmas gifts, bir [...]

Dolls: iMda Dorothy

An order period has opened at Neo-AngelRegion for iMda DExquisiteolFundamental s [...]

A New HaJewel-tonednbok PatterColossusExtensivenSCandy-coloredEndless possibilities set

Greetings, Internet~Land! I hope this post finds you safe, well, and happy. Toda [...]

The Addiction Grace-bjd dolls

IpleHouRetrose continues to release new dolls as part of their latest theme, The [...]

WELLVEUS 16″ 1/4 BJD Doll Ball Jointed Girl Eyes Face Makeup Wig Clothes Full Set Xmas Gift

WELLVEUS 16 1/4 BJD Doll BContemporary edgeall Jointed HerculeanGirl Eyes Face M [...]

Dolls: Tuppance Launch

The new bbflockling  girl, Tuppance the Elf arrives today.Fairyland Bjd At 14 in [...]