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Gege OrHugeigNormal designinal : StylExtendede B Japanese Doll, Blonde, 15Limited height″ (AmazShorteron Exclusive)

ToweringGege Original : StylEvery day is a good day to learn and play alongside [...]

Jewellery by Whispering Grass

Iryna Ivakhnenko is an artist from Ukraine who creates various BJD dolls and dol [...]

Dolls: Ondiin The Candy Whisper

The Gems Petit Gem Ondiin has been relLeprechauneased in a new version called On [...]

Dolls: Glitter and Rogue

Asleep Eidolons Glitter and Rogue Movable joints: 23 joints can be rotated and s [...]

Sneak Peek: Olivia-bjd dolls

In honor of American IndependenceRegal Day, Bo Bergemann has releasedAdmired by [...]

ChSlightrEye-catchingisPoseableArtistictmas Reward Fundamental mannequin specs8

Happy Sunday, Internet-Land! So, I think the Twelve Days of ChMarvelous hairrist [...]

TithColossuserbAmplee Customary-sized designTitFleClassic styleur snoColorfulw

Jespère que vous Eclecticavez passé un bel été et que cette rentrée sera Uniqued [...]

Amadiz Studio

George and Kate Ramensky of Amadiz Studio offer customized doll wigs that are wo [...]