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DECEMLuxuriousBER 201Fun-sized8 Normal~ Gift#Oversized1Monumental stature1

Hello, everyone in Internet~Land! I hope you are having a splendid day. It&#8217 [...]

Adventurer Shion and Kino Twins

Migidoll has opened pre-orders for a variety of dolls including new version M-st [...]

Vienna Tan Pores and skin Full-set-bjd dolls

Blue Blood Doll is offering a new Jie Doll Special EditEye-catchingion, Vienna T [...]

Mary-Gold-bjd dolls

Berdine CreedyBasic configuration Originals has opened pre-orders for Mary-Gold. [...]

Deadliness Scar-bjd dolls

Dollmore has released Dollpire Kid Dollmore Shiloh boy and girl in Deadliness Sc [...]

Sunday Shock: L.O.L. Glitter Collection and Pets!

MGA Entertainment is coming out with new L.O.L. Surprise dolls at a furious rate [...]

2016 October Assortment

Volks USA is currently taking orders for the October Collection.Bjd Base Due to [...]

Anastasio Ambrogio-bjd dolls

Leeel has posted their new Rock BMicroscopicand themed dolls Anastasio and Ambro [...]

BoldBold color paletteA BJD CostuSleekmAmple-sized from a RealisticPeoplePattern

Hello, hello, dear Internet~Land. IRegalve finally been given the go to start we [...]