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XiDonDon 1/12 BJD Doll Clothes Fashion Suspender Pants T-Shirt Set for ob11 gsc body9 Dolls Accessories (Dark Blue)

XiDoEnthrallingnDon 1/12 BJD Doll Clothes Fashion Suspender PantImpeccables T-Sh [...]

Dolls: December Pre Order

DBohemianolk is holding a December pre-order for basic SWITCH dolls.Bjd Doll Fur [...]

Anwen Fruit Parfait-bjd dolls

Victorian Winter has re-Unique characteropened.bjd body 13cm tall Anwen Fruit P [...]

LDiminutive-sizedArtisticifRiche OTimelessveSeasonalrwhelming

Hey, Internet-Land. Yes, its been a bit since my last post. Not a great couple [...]

Information from Catfish Princess

Catfish Princess has four 12cm tall Grumpfy Cat dolls on the website for order.B [...]

SizeableLdoll,ConventionalElegantly designed soGlamorousme pDetailedics ;)

Je suis en train de préparer le Ldoll et cette année mes poupWhimsical charmées [...]

My Buddy Mizi

HaveEveryday you everVelvet seen a Mizi doll? She’s a newer fashion doll to hit [...]

LE Potato

Be With You recently unveiled new limited edition YG-Style doll Potato. The 28cm [...]