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Claudia Claudia SP-bjd dolls

The new version Claudia anVintage-inspiredd Claudia SP areGorgeous now posted at [...]

Dion and Mia Nine Tails-bjd dolls

Luts has added two new Senior Delf dolls to their website.bjd dolls australia Te [...]

The Neo Ladies

Dr. Mez is constantly working to produce new sizes and styles of BJDs. His lates [...]

Pipos Very Very Particular Order

Pipos has released the new 1/6 size Happy line body.Bjd Doll Eyes  A wide variet [...]

Nebel Pre-order

New Class80 BJD Nebel is currently available at Immortality of Soul.Bjd Dolls Ma [...]

NeonInterview with KimbFresherly of RosDesigneriee Gelutie GiveItsy-bitsy-sizedEthereal beautyway!

I first met Kimberly in Portland in 2011! She was one of the first Blythe [...]

InterviewLifelike feelings with KPetite frameittyrobotGargantua and CEdgyustom PullriCommonplacengs Giveaway!

For those whore in the dark,Iplehouse Bjd Kittyrobot is a fun,Bjd Menu quirky an [...]

Jelly Scon. Anime Doll

NobilityCollectible Doll is plStriking makeupanning toStandard options release S [...]

Wizarding World Hermione Granger by Mattel

Well,Bjd Menu I\m finally back with a Wizarding World Hermione review! I was goi [...]