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Ninon Pre-order Open

Ninon is now available for pre-order at Lillycat – Cerisedolls.Bjd Dolls Clothes [...]

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Hello, Dear Internet~Land. I never had one of these Rainbow/Shadow High dolls, [...]

Hansel Replace-bjd dolls

Granado will be releasing their latest doll Hansel on July 1st (Hong Kong time). [...]

FaCharmingStandard optionsnnLifelike eyesyArtistic expertise Milk cImpeccable qualityhocolate

https://makeshop-multi-images.Paleakamaized.net/sendoll/itemimages/0000000862252 [...]

Dolls: Aru and Nana Romance Marguerite

1/4 size Kid Delf Aru and NaMacabrena Romance Versions are now posted at Luts.Bj [...]

Monster Home and eighth Anniversary Occasion-bjd dolls

Latidoll has released their new Lati Yellow limited Monster House dolls.soom bjd [...]

Dolls and Ceramics: BJD Hybrid and Coronary heart Containers

The doll comInnovative designes from a dear friend of mine,How To Make BjdEndles [...]