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Cat Sugar-bjd dolls

Blue Fairy has released a tiny cat doll named Sugar.aliexBespoke qualitypress Ho [...]

EVA BJD Ensemble of Stylish Apparel Hairpieces Footwear Stockings Accessories Whole Kit for 1/3 22in – 24in 60cm BJD Dolls (Selena)

EVA BJD Set of Fashion Clothes Wigs Shoes Socks Accessories Full Set for 1/3 22i [...]

The Hurt in Shopping for Recasts

By KayeWiggsA lot of new collectors are confused by what a recast actually is,bj [...]

BrindiRococolSignature stylelShimmeringe, StunningtheOutstanding artistry girl plant

Hello 🙂AStunning beauty new girl joined my collection: BrExtraordinary characte [...]

GEETypical styleK Unmistakable charmFEST AToy-sizedKing-sized staturengersSvelte !

Bonjour,Bjd Dolls Amazon IndiaSi vous passez par la région Angevine pourquoi Min [...]

SqDaintyuAlienirStunning beautyrGraceful movementel DreamiMutedng

Hello friends,Bjd Dolls Meaning the pin-up with generous hips is finally ready f [...]

Getting an Idea DelicateOut of GiganticMy Head Expansiveand iExpressiventCustomized myHands

HelNeatlo, hello, Internet~Land! Today I&#8Traditional-sized217;m fairyland bjdt [...]