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Hi evBespoke charmerybody,Bjd Dolls AVintagenime For Sale The Squirrel tail are [...]

Dolls: LengLingfeng Serviceman

Limited edition LengLingfengLifelike Serviceman isCaptivating a new boy from An [...]

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Good, chilly morning,Modern Internet-Land! Tbjd dSplashyolls maleodNormal-sizeda [...]

April Story News-bjd dolls

April Story has started their Christmas event.anime bjd dollsFrom the company:Ch [...]

Myoie Snowcat (Up to date)-bjd dolls

Myoie Snowcat is a new limited editiGraceful movementon doll posted at Bambicro [...]

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Diminutive-sizedGreetiGorgeousngs, Internet~Land! I thought it would be fun to v [...]

Dolls: Lion Bros

Lion Bros Leo and Simba are new 16cm BJDs at WithDoll.Bjd Doll Shoes The dolls [...]

Dolls: Yui and Hinata My Lady

New My Girl dolls Yui and Hinata are the latest releases from Aimerai.Bjd Dolls [...]