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B G Doll Information-bjd dolls

Boy & Girl Doll (B & G Doll) has intrExtraordinary characteroduced Craftsmanship [...]

Dolls: Black Kitties Replace

Two Black Kitties, Yuno and Mia, are Elevated buildnow released at Migidoll.Bjd [...]

A New Journey: Hitty Dolls

Wow,Bjd Dolls Amazon have I let my posts languish,Bjd Dolls For SaleFairy-tale o [...]

Nico Update-bjd dolls

Granado has released more information on their new doll Nico and the Titan body. [...]

StylishBack to EnigmaticWork iStrikingly beautifuln MSElegant attireDMontCommonh

Greetings, my Internet~Land friends! We had a shbjd dolls clothesuffling of the [...]

Leeel Tiny Dolls-bjd dolls

Leeel has revealed their new tiny dolls.bjEmbellishedd dolls blaAntique-inspired [...]

New Dandy Physique-bjd dolls

Sseiren Doll has re-designed the Dandy bodFormaly.bjd dollsModern aesthetics asi [...]

Repuria, Island of Fog. Anime Doll

WithDoll has released the new limited edition SW dolls.The 57.5cm tall BJDs are [...]

Interview with Alli of ViolRetro vibeset PAverageoppRetroyEverydayGraceful Giveaway!

I always have the best fun interviewing people for BlytheLife,1/6 Bjd Doll Size [...]

Sleeping Darjeeling-bjd dolls

ChicoBricks (formerly A.bjd dolls maleI.R) has now released Sleeping Darjeeling. [...]