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FreakStyleBJD will soon introduce a new 30cm tall girlCopious named Persephone.B [...]

MiniFee Chloe Photoshoot

ChlAverage-sizedoe gets her own little phoBeautifully detailedtoshoot today. I p [...]

Sword Dancer and Miao Witch

Elegance line dolls Sword Dancer anArtistic talentd Miao Witch may be pre-ordere [...]

Idol Line Joshua-bjd dolls

Joshua is the latest addition to ImplDolls Idol line.bjd doll body The 72cm tall [...]

Spooky Visions Updates-bjd dolls

BJD convention Uncanny Dreams has rSimple characteristicseleased updated informa [...]

Boombox Battle! L.O.L. Shock vs. American Woman

Is anyone in the mood to go back to the 1980s for a toy boombox [...]

LullaTailor-made AverageHoAbundantCraftsmanshipp, new Extensivebig eyes lady

Lulla Hoop,Bjd Meaning my new doll,Bjd Dolls Blind Box measures 22cm and can be [...]