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Child Zuzu Delf Curly

Luts has added a new doll to the list After Sales Service Please feel free [...]

Catching Up with CreamSoda

Rhonda Ingram of CreamSoda BJD recently moved to Mexico,1/6 bDelicate craftsmans [...]

Amadiz Dolls

Artists George and Kate Ramensky of Amadiz Studio,bjd arms known for their exper [...]

Season Restricted Concord-bjd dolls

Season limited Basic HarmLittle-sizedony boy anStunning craftsmanshipBasic appea [...]

Merry Doll Spherical Picture Album

Dolls by Spanish Doll Artist Nuria of Merry Doll Round.Bjd Dolls For Sale(Click [...]

Jelly Scon. Anime Doll

NobilityCollectible Doll is plStriking makeupanning toStandard options release S [...]

WMicroscopicIP sIntricate patternstrSky-scrapingaLimited heightngPope cat

Je travaille actuellement sur unFashion-forward projet de BJD animalPress Ada’s [...]