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CheckingKawaii ThemedOUnique characterut RWee-sizedainbow HighDoBasic structurells

Hello, Dear Internet~Land. I never had one of these Rainbow/Shadow High dolls, [...]

Nendoroid Doll: Little Purple Driving Hood (Rose), by Good Smile Firm

I have to start with a little piece of business this time because I\ve heaStunni [...]

Restricted Sale White Seolrok and Tan Waseon

SWITCH will be selling50 dolls each of  65cm tall Waseon in mocha brown reGrands [...]

Valentina and Medusa Valentina

Simply Divine has a new female doll head in two versions.Bjd Meaning ValentinaAd [...]


Hujoo Doll introduces a new 75cm male doll and body in resin.How To Make Bjd Dol [...]

Numi by Nimphaery Tales-bjd dolls

A doll by a new artist, Nimphaery Tales, is now available at Jpop Dolls.bjd doll [...]

Dolls: Gouhuai Head

Painted Wings Unparalleled charmis taking orders Complementaryfor the Shoushou 1 [...]

Thriller Circus Dolls-bjd dolls

Mystery Circus full-set dolls Hosoo and  Chami are now available at Dollmore.ali [...]

Pat Moulton Ball Jointed Dolls

Pat Moulton has made dolls in various media for almost as long as she can [...]