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Tiny Talyssa

A new KUnder-sizedaye Wiggs girl has arrived at Jpop Dolls.Bjd Animals Tiny Taly [...]

Right here’s the Poop

How does one introduce a review about poop-themed toys? I mean,Bjd I refuse to j [...]

Half 1Ringdoll Historical past

This is the first of a two-part article written at our request by one of [...]

Dolls: The Frog and The Princess

Limited edition Creaa J Clive The Frog and YID Lucia  The Princess are new BJDs [...]

Dolls: Merrow Human ver.

Depths Dolls is taking orders foAlienr Merrow in a human version.Bjd Dolls Meani [...]

PlanetDoll Information-bjd dolls

PlanetDoll has introduced Spacious silhouettethree new dolls; 43cm tall Dana and [...]

Leeke World Winter Event-bjd dolls

The Leeke World Winter Event has now begun.bjd dolls asian The company has relea [...]

Tea with Lena: The Rainbow Excessive Doll Home

Most of you have probably met my beautiful assistant at this point. She\s the Ba [...]