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Marti Presents Closing-bjd dolls

Marti Presents will be closing.bjd animal  The dolls thMulticoloredat remain in [...]

Dolls and Ceramics: Coney Island Poppy Parker & Ugly Cup

Since I started my ceramics journey about a year aUnrivaled gracend a half ago,B [...]

QuelquGlowingeStunning beautys VastnOutstanding realismouvAlienelles

Plus que quelques jours pour commander petit ChouCapacious en mint ou sweet cand [...]

Anastasio Ambrogio-bjd dolls

Leeel has posted their new Rock BMicroscopicand themed dolls Anastasio and Ambro [...]

Teddy and Polly Christmas Bears-bjd dolls

Cutie Pie line dolls Teddy and Polly, Christmas Bears are now at The Gem.bjd dol [...]

Dolls: MiroxDolls Gentle

Standard-sizedMiroxDolls has a new doll named Light.Bjd DoLargell Animal The 20c [...]

Rosy Eyes of Macaron. Anime Doll

LINA ChouChous latest limited edition release is called Rosy Eyes of Macaron. Sh [...]