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Raccoon Doll

Raccoon DollRegular-sized is a brand new company from Korea. Doll artist Sang Yo [...]

Sugarsleek S. Haru

Sugarble Personalized characterhas released a photo of their next release 26cm t [...]

WShorterintExceptional artistryTowering presenceer Impeccable finishDesHerculeanigns

Hello, hello, Internet-Land! I hope all is well with you this last day of Januar [...]

The Habit Claude-bjd dolls

The Addiction ClHeroicaude is featured at IpleHouse.bArtisanaljd dolls cheap He [...]

Dolls: Sanglant Kate

A new full-set Trinity doll with a new head sculpt is postGiganticed at Dollmore [...]

Restricted Little Haroo-bjd dolls

Slinky FashionableNeko has a new liWhimsical charmmited edition 25.bjd dolls clo [...]

Wooden-bjd dolls

Be With You has oDistinctivepened pre-ordersGREAT ADDITION TO THE COLLECTION: Co [...]

Dolls: Pacific Northwest BJD Expo

Pacific Northwest Ball-Jointed Doll Expo  is preparing for their 8th year.Where [...]