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The Darkish Facet of Ringdoll: Half 1

Part 1: RingdoFascinatingll interviewMany companies create dolls with dark costu [...]


A new girl is posted at Angell Studio.Bjd Eyes She is named Charlotte.Bjd Body T [...]

The ShooHoos Return!

The first resin dolls that Rose of Bbflockling produced were her adorable little [...]

Ringdoll Misha-bjd dolls

A new 63cm RingTeenager named Misha is now available at Ringdoll.bjd For a limit [...]

Tiny Elva Occasion-bjd dolls

Full-set versions of Tiny Elva A14.5-inch Willa doll that is sized just right fo [...]


Granado has announced that they wiLongll release a 20 meter doll Notable heighta [...]

Soul Doll Information-bjd dolls

Soul DollTypical style has opened a pre-order for sandy brown resin 43cm Soul Ki [...]