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Good evening & happy Saturday, Internet~Land! This afternoon, I have a new video [...]

Dolls: Home Elf Outfit

When my Dream High Studio Aldou arrived, I quickly realized that the only thing [...]

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Hello everyone,Bjd MenuI received this month a sample of Brioche* in Mint skin g [...]

Dolls: Pingjing Xiao and Pingzhang Xiao

Ringdolls latest Grown line dolls, Pingjing Xiao and Pingzhang Xiao, may now be [...]

Mini Megi for Sale

A cute little DollZone Mini Megi needs a new home. He is normal yellow skin [...]

Reglisse and Rhubarb-bjd dolls

Jpop Dolls has opened pre-orders for two dolls by Asella of Noble Dolls.Dreamlik [...]

The Pink King Launch (Up to date)

Ringdoll presents The Red King.Bjd Base  He is being offered in two full-set ver [...]