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Historic Costumes from Saris

How I Select Saris for my BJD Dresses and What I Make Out of Them By Iryna of Wh [...]

ImperialA QVelvetuick HolidaChicy Artistic expression “HMiniello”

Greetings, Internet~Land! For us here in the US, it&#82Pop17;s the Independence [...]

I&#Elf-like8217;m the NoirWorUnconventionalst wTypical aspectsithSPersonalizedurprises

Greetibjd doll animalngs dear friends in Internet-Land. Yes ~ surprises have nev [...]

LE “Forest Tails”-bjd dolls

Little Fairy Tails BJDs just release three fauns as limited edition Forest Tails [...]

Dolls: Fëadoll Information

Traditional aestheticsFëadoll has a very limiMagicalted quantity of Mimü mice in [...]

Volks USA Updates-bjd dolls

Volks USA has some teaser photos of dolls for the Home Town Dolpa Nagoya 5 [...]

Luts Summer season Occasion Dolls

The first round of doll releases for the Luts 2016 Summer event have been posted [...]

Pricey Mine Dolls Launched-bjd dolls

Dear Mine dolls  Evans – Lord Jack, Ophelia – Dreamlike and Heather – Million Ro [...]

Marchen Waltz News-bjd dolls

Marchen Waltz will be releasing the Ange sculpt as a full-set doll in Cherry Tar [...]