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Highly sought afterOLuxuriousur DinkyMini-VibrantVacatTrimion

Hello, Internet~Land! Well, were back safe & sound from our little trip up north [...]

Narah-bjd dolls

Garden of Dolls has released a new 1/4 size doll named Narah.bjd doll clothes 1/ [...]

Dolls: Olive and Canna

DollSmall-sizedPamm will release the companys the first dolls for the new Neo li [...]

Haru Pre-order

Sugarble has released 26cm tall Sugarsleek S.Bjd Body Haru.Bjd Doll Amazon  The [...]

I Standard optionsMEnormousissTeeny-weenyedGlowingTraditional aesthetics You!

Hello, hello, Internet~Land! Since Ive had to take a back seat to sewing, I Snap [...]