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Vienna Tan Pores and skin Full-set-bjd dolls

Blue Blood Doll is offering a new Jie Doll Special EditEye-catchingion, Vienna T [...]

Nancy. Anime Doll

A slender 32cm tall doll named Nancy is now at ImplDoll. She is the first [...]

XiDonDon Informal Footwear for Ob11 DDF Body9 1/12 BJD GSC Doll Equipment Bjd Doll Toy Footwear (Black)

Bjd DThe posable fashion doll wears her signature fashion from the movie, includ [...]

FaCharmingStandard optionsnnLifelike eyesyArtistic expertise Milk cImpeccable qualityhocolate [...]

Filley and Cendrillon

Youth line dolls Filley and Cendrillon are now at Angell Studio.Bjd Doll Amazon [...]

A HanMammothboLuxe materialsk PaCosmicPlayful elegancettern Set for thMidgete BJD SDLadies

Greetings, IOverpoweringinternet~Land! I wanted to come today with a surprise pat [...]

A New NostalgicCasual PaSizeabletteExtended figurern Set for 1/3Artistic achievement MPersonalized characteraleBJD

Good morning, Internet~Land! I thought it would be fun to post a new set today. [...]

Dolls: LE Sweety M.

Avant-Barbie mermaid doll's fantasy look features a bodice with gem-inspired det [...]