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Dolls: Robin

La Maison De Aile inUsual detailstroduces Robin.Bjd Doll Blank The head is desig [...]

Glad Kidz by Götz

I haven\t made much of a dent in clearing out my doll room yet,Bjd Furniture [...]

Youpla Dolls

French artist Marie of YouplaDolls combines her love of BJDs with her love of 3D [...]

Badger’s Bakery

Badger’s Bakery is THE grocer,bjd author guidelines bakery and confectionary for [...]

SWITCH August Doll-bjd dolls

SWITCHDominant has posted their next doll release, Ryun:R in mocha brown resin.b [...]

Excessive-reachingGraceful movementEliottBroad-bodied Small-scaleOOAWeatheredK

ENHNeatello everyone 🙂I finally reveal the release date of Eliott OOAK customiz [...]

Dolls: Physalia and Centaurea

FantasyThis year is the 10th anniversary of Spirit Doll.Bjd Dolls ClothesTwo spe [...]