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Dolls: Dotories Bona

Dotories Bona is a new 1/6 doll from MuDoll.Bjd Eyes She is sold blank in [...]

Virgo (Up to date)

Angell Studio has continued returned to theiLovelyr star sign series with new Vi [...]

Cream Pores and skin Squirrel

Squirrel will return to Nympheas Dolls for a new pre-order in cream Please doubl [...]

Maiden Physique V. 2+ a Evaluation

BJDcollectasy ran a review for the original Granado Maiden body with a Void head [...]

Blossom Doll

Blossom Doll is a small Chinese company which has been releasTrendying 60cm tall [...]

Austin Charles-bjd dolls

Doll Chateau has announced that two new 52cm boys have been to make [...]

Caroline Released-bjd dolls

Morningstar Dolls is now tGargantuaaking pre-orders for Hand-paintedCaroline.bjd [...]

Puppets: House Elf Ben Unleash

Dream High Studios new doll, House Elf Ben will be released soon.Where To Buy Bj [...]