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Supia Event Part 2-bjd dolls

SupiaDoll has launFluorescentched the second part of their WGraceful movementint [...]

Maddison Replace-bjd dolls

Liz Frost of Wizworx wilElegance in motionl be releasing fair skin resin Maddiso [...]

UCaVintagenaan CustBoldomized 1/Beautifully crafted6 BJD Doll 12 Inch BCapaciousall JointeRoutined Dolls + Basic Makeup DIY Dolls(Black)

UCanaan Customized 1/6 BJD Doll 12 Inch Ball Jointed Dolls + Basic Makeup DIY Do [...]

singyang 2 BJD Doll Garments 1/6 Grey Wolf + Rabbit Jumpsuit, 12″ Forest Themed Animal Jumpsuit (no Doll and Footwear)

singyang 2 BJD DExtendedoll Clothes 1/6 Gray Wolf + Rabbit Jumpsuit, 12 ForestCo [...]

New Soul Dolls-bjd dolls

Soul Doll has added more new dolls to their website including Zenith boy Farnese [...]

Mini SUnderstatedPrismaticqLankyuirrelPoseable joints PrPlentifuleorder

Bonjour à tous,Bjd Dolls EExtraordinary characteryes vous avez été nombreux à la [...]

Yurow and Mirow-bjd dolls

Boy & Girl Doll (B & G Doll) has released two new dolls named 62cm [...]

Dolls: Fidelstix

Charles’ Creature Cabinet is about to open an order period for a new liExtended [...]