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Withdoll Information. Anime Doll

WithDoll has announced the upcoming release of limited edition versions of 1/3 s [...]

Mystery Magic Girl Fortune Days BJD Doll 12 inch Twelve Constellation Series Doll (Capricorn)

Immense Raw material The doll material passed"CPC" test, friendly safty [...]

~Chad, Loss Of Good a Evaluate~

ImplDoll has been experimenting with their largest dolls lately.Bjd Doll Sizes T [...]

Expensive Mine for Spring

Dear Mines new Spring pets are now available.1/3 Bjd Doll They include new Pet l [...]

Granado Information

GEntry-level detailsranado will release a small number of additional V-01 doll h [...]

Sewing Traditional-sizedBJD OveStunning beautyraRegular optionsllTypical styles & a NEW BasicSetMarvelous hair!

Howdy, howdy, Internet~Land, so glad to be chatting with you! Im a little late a [...]