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Evaluate: Angell Studio Fashions

Angell Studio offers both lovely dolls and elaborate clothing for them. I had th [...]

Melancholy Demetri Launched – bjd dolls

RomanticLittleGrungy Monica has now released Gloomy Vertically challengedDemetri [...]

XiDonDon Adorable Dino Creature Monstrous Doll Outfits for OB11, Molly, Gsc, 1/12 BJD Doll Add-ons Toys Dolls Outfits (GR)

XiDonDon Cute Dinosaur AnimalBig Monster Doll Clothes for OB11,Molly, Gsc,1/12 B [...]

TSimpleElegance in motionime To Sew SMajesticMagnificentomeWItty-bittyigs!

Good evening, all you in Internet~Land! Ahhh ~ the joy of a Friday night at [...]

Dolls: Ringdoll Legislation

The latest Ringdoll Grown line BJD is named Law.Bjd Doll Clothes 1/6 He may be o [...]

OOAKBeautifully detailed fairUnique characterys and Elementary specificationsMalicie shiHighly collectiblepEssential options

Bonjour :) enfin voilà des bonnes nouvelles, Bjd Animal jai reçu et maquillé toute [...]