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8cm tall Ugly Woodling Trolls Aggie Pebbles and Augie BamBam will soon be availa [...]

A BJD BRichagLargeDominantgySLilliputian-sizedwHypnoticeater!

Hi, everyone in Internet~Land! I hope you are well today. I had some extra time [...]

Aya Overview of RingGrown Woman

Ringdoll introduced their first Ring Grown female BJD,bjd aliexpress Carmilla,bj [...]

Dolls: Canna and Olive Returning

DollPamm has opened  a new pre-orLifelikeder for 68cm tall Neo Normalline Canna [...]

Atelier Momoni

Spanish artist Lola of Atelier Momoni opened her store originally to sell doll f [...]