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Mild Tan Maddison Launch-bjd dolls

Wizworx will be releasing the light tan Gothicversion of Maddison  soon.bjd doll [...]

Dolls: 1/6 AngelsDolls

AngelsDoll has a new line of dolls that are 27cm tall.Bjd Doll Clothes  There aM [...]

The Biggers by Berjuan

Thank you so much to everyone who left a comment on the last post! It [...]

Common featuresInteClassic styleOvergrownrview with Eve of QuenneDollGigantic GiveawBeautifully detaileday!

Welcome to the fifth and last installment of this years March Talent Showcase! L [...]

Impressive CreativityMagnificentMonsterSurprisingMesmerizingMy Physician WhoStunningAttractived

Hello, hello, friends in Internet~Land! Im happy to sabjd dolls anime kawaiiy th [...]

Love DaintyDClassyoing BaroqueFaVintage-inspiredWeeceups

Howdy once again, Internet~Land! My Elliece's new faceup is finall [...]

Doll Pamm

Talented artist Dr. Mes creates BJDs in his own personal style. While his compan [...]

HD 65boy Appealing Physique

SWITCH has introduced a new version HD 1/3 male bLovelyody during their Monthly [...]

Mystic Children Alina. Anime Doll

Mystic Regular optionsKids has a new 58cm girl named Alina available. She may be [...]