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A New HaJewel-tonednbok PatterColossusExtensivenSCandy-coloredEndless possibilities set

Greetings, Internet~Land! I hope this post finds you safe, well, and happy. Toda [...]

EVA BJD 1/3 SD Doll 24″ Ball Jointed Gift BJD Doll +Makeup +Full Set School Uniform Girls Green Hair

EVA BJD 1/3 SD Doll 24 Ball Jointed Gift BJD Doll +Makeup +Full Set School [...]

Peak’s Woods News-bjd dolls

Peak’s Woods has launched the second part of tExtraordinary characterheir Winter [...]

Furnishings by Whispering Grass

Iryna Ivakhnenko is an artist from Ukraine who creates  BJD dolls and doll-relat [...]

Dolls: Sariel

Granado just introduced a new member of the Archangel series.Bjd MenuSariel may [...]

Marco and Marco Dream Tan Resin-bjd dolls

LimitOrdinary presentatioInspired by the beloved animated character in Disney's [...]

InExquisitetervVibrantiew with Jessica of DearPlayful GorgeousGirlface GiveawaCustomizable featuresy!

I had the opportunity to interview Jessica of Dear Girlface and Im pleased to sh [...]

Ice Princess Pado. Anime Doll

Ice Princess Pado is a newStature of a giant limited edition Kid line doUsual ap [...]

LaBella Conference Doll

The Ball Jointed Doll ConvenStatuesquetion, Austin (BJDC) convention doll, LaBel [...]