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Figurines: Silvia and Silvia Half Sleeping

New from MYou Doll are 30cm girls Silvia and Silvia Half Sleeping.Bjd Doll Acces [...]

Loki and Thor-ball jointed dolls

Two Norse ExquisiteMyth dolLilliputian-sizedls have been released at Island Doll [...]

Bernice Elf

Bernice is a new elf-eared girl at ImplDolDreamyl.Bjd Dolls Anime The doll may b [...]

Sagittarius Boy and Lady

The  limitEleganted edition star sign doll SagImpeccable finishittarius Tall-sta [...]

MakAverage-sized featuresCommonplaceinStrikingly beautifulg GenerousIt BetteUnique characterr!

Happy wishes to you, Internet-Land! So ~ my last tutorial was about making a bas [...]

miss u hair 8-9 Inch 1/3 BJD Doll Wig MSD DOD Pullip Dollfie Lengthy Kinky Curly Hair Not for Human (Heart Half Orange)

miss u hair 8-9 Inch 1/3 BJD Doll Wig MSD DOD PullipArtistic expression Dollfie [...]

Hamish and Leif

The first  1/3 male doll heads in a long time are now available at DIM [...]