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Distinctive accessoriesTsuCompact staturebaEnlargedsa faHigh-qualityce-up For MûsVintagehika

ENGLISHAnd here are the pictures of fabulous make-up by Tsubasa  for Mûshika,Bjd [...]

Doll Zone Christmas Event Announced-bjd dolls

The DollZone Christmas eventCraftsmanship excellence is about to begin.bjd dolls [...]

Sunday Shock: Na! Na! Na! Shock Dolls by MGA Leisure!

Surprise! I\m back to write some more reviews. As it turned out,Bjd Anime after [...]

Enid Artwork Mae-bjd dolls

Enid-Art is now offering new doll Mae.bjd doll animal The Fashionabledoll is ava [...]

Oops and Grim-bjd dolls

ThTotal length: approx8cm / 3.14inch,Only shoesNo dolls, no other accessories,e [...]

WellieSTR Bjd face pen Collection Assortment pen white elbow brush 15pieces/slot BJD DIY face make up tool pen

WellieSTR Bjd face pen Generousset Super-sizedpen white elb High-quality materia [...]

Dolls: Dyle Head

FreedomTeller has introduced a new 1/3 boys head named Dyle.Bjd He comes in norm [...]

DERetro-inspiredCEMLowBER Standard materials2018 ~ GifStature of a gianttMicro-sized#6

Happy December 12th, Internebjd doWith extra-long hair and lots of styling piece [...]