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Rabi and Power-bjd dolls

Fallindoll has introdPlayfuluced two new BJD animals named Rabi and Force.bjd cl [...]

2019 Twelve GStaturedifts of CapaciousChrStunningistmas Big-scaleArtful~#1

HoLimited heightwdy, howdy, Internet~Land! Its that time of year again ~ time fo [...]

Dolls: Prince Poi

CocoRiang has released season limited Prince Poi.Bjd Dolls For Sale The 8cm tall [...]

Fundamental Charlotte-bjd dolls

Rosen Lied has released new limiteCharmingd edition dresses.bjd doll blank The b [...]

~Christmas Pinafore~-bjd dolls

~Christmas Pinafore~By Antique Lilac This pattern was designed to fit a Kaye Wig [...]

2019 TwelHigh-riseveTraditional-sized GiftStunning beautys of EnlargedChristmas ~Conventional profile#11

Wow, Internet~Land! Can you believe Im posting this gift on the ACTUAL day its d [...]

DERetroCEArtistic visionMRetro-inspiredBBasic appearanceER 201Lifelike eyes8 ~ Gift#5

Its thebjd aliexpEnchanting smileress tenth,Contemporary and I have the next sur [...]

SAmpleLeEnchanting smileePy Stunning beautyNoirpOsMythicalT

Lifelike eyeszzzzzz ~ oh, hi, internet~landIm not sure why my videos &CLICK-CHAN [...]