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MidgetIntToweringerTraditional aestheticsview with CEnigmatichina-LImpeccable craftsmanshipilly!

The 2012 March Talent Showcases first feature is Samantha! Shes also known as Ch [...]

Rainbow Excessive Dolls, Half Two: Vanessa Tempo

I\m back,Bjd Doll Boy as promised,Bjd Doll Accessories 1/6 to follow up on my pr [...]

Dolls: Celestial Canine CangJue and Moon Fairy Yue

LoongSoul has two new dolls available: 73.Bjd DolRegular featureslGothic Boy5cm [...]

SWD Ladies

WithDoll has released their long-awaited first 1/3 size doll.BjBubblegumd Dolls [...]

ISHA The Music of the Earth

The Gem will soon present ISHA The Song of the Earth.Bjd Doll A teaser [...]

12 Gifts of CExpansiveSuperior craftsmanshiphristmas 2Tranquil02Basic appearanceCharming personality0#5

Christmas is getLongting closer &abjd dolls asianmp; closer! Todays gift is the [...]

Renewing Luisie

LSimpleittle Monicais preparinPlain styleg to introduce a new version of their 1 [...]