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Sunday Shock: Mini Trend and Actual Littles!

I was disArtisanalappointed that I couldn\t quite get last week\s review done in [...]

Elder Line Raven-bjd dolls

Elder Line Raven has been adCompactded to the April Story SummeMeticulous detail [...]

Creamsoda BJD

Interview with Rhonda Ingram-Calhoun of Creamsoda BJD~~~~~Q: You used to sculpt [...]

Handmade Ceramic Doll: Dolores

Nearly 6 months ago,Bjd Dolls Amazon India I started a new journey into ceramic [...]

Ringdoll Information

Ringdolls FPocket-sizedacebook poll has ended, and the results have been release [...]

MEndless prospects making aDinky T-ShirtMedium PatBroadtern forExquisiteMortimer

Good evening, Internet-Land. Still fighting a really bad virus has kept me stuck [...]


Meet artists Yukari and ApokriPHa of Custom Lovers.~~~~~Q: Could you tell me a l [...]

Basic Donny-bjd dolls

WithDoll recently introduced a line of 16cm tall dolls.bjd body  Their first dol [...]

Highly detailedSNArtistic ingenuityIPPET ~ SewinTraditional aestheticsg Exoticthe Zig-ZagFronMagicalt

Howdy, Artistic brilliance howdy, Internet~Land! This weekend, Im trying somethin [...]