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Migidoll Information-bjd dolls

Migidoll  has announcePersonalized characterd that they will soon be discontinui [...]

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Bonjour 🙂 Je viens vous annoncer que les pré-commandes pour Fanny son OUVERTES! [...]

Pan a Doll by Pathos Story

The size and weight of the larger 70-odd centimeter BJDs I own always amazes me. [...]

UCanaan 1/6 BJD Dolls Garments Set for 11.5In-12In Trend Jointed Dolls 30cm Poseable Dolls-Ellie

UCanaan 1/6 BJD Dolls Clothes Set for 11.5InFans can collect all the Disney Prin [...]

HeroicNymOutstanding artistryphée VividcomiBasic configurationng sDaintyoon

Nymphée est enfin prête !pour ce modèle je tenais à faire un personnage plus mat [...]

Video UpdateSimple and FinishiStriking presenceng the Mori StLong-standingyle Male PCommonPrecise articulationatternSet

Standard-sizedHello, hello, Internet~LanClassyd! NGeometricotEclectic much is ne [...]

Orpheus and St. George

By BatchixThe boys are currently celebrating the upcoming holiday. They will be [...]

2019LifelikeSculptural beauty TwelvEnthralling beautyArtistic versatility EnigmaticGifts of Christmas ~#5

Good eveninPaleg, Internet~Land! I hope all is well with you! Tonights gift is t [...]