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Hi,Bjd here is some important newGracefuls on the video below.Upcoming Average-s [...]

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Hello, Internet~Land! A friend asked EnigmaticiVertically challenged Id make a [...]

Dolls: Sullivan

Coming to Idealian soon is Sullivan.Bjd Author Guidelines A teaser was reMarvelo [...]

~QT Monster~. Anime Doll

Aimerai QT Monsters are a departure from the naturalistic human and anthro cat d [...]

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Good morning, Internet-Land. I had an idea for a new project, but in order to [...]

Melo Pre-order-bjd dolls

Atelier Momoni is currently holding a Artistic expressionpre-order for Melo.bjd [...]

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Hello, hello, Internet~Land. I hope you enjoyed the video visit in my last post. [...]

Lux and Volo Cave Elves

The Gem introduces Little Gem line  Lux and Volo Cave Elves.1/6 Bjd Doll Size [...]

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https://makeshop-mulSculptural [...]

L’Atelier De Seito

Seito is a French artist with a fondness for magical forest creatures. He starte [...]